Living in today’s fast paced environment we are so stripped for time! So I found it difficult spending so much time removing my makeup every day, having to use multiple cleansers and face wipes just to clean my skin! I knew there had to be an easier and more efficient way to do it whilst keeping it non-toxic for my sensitive skin and friendly to the environment.

That’s when Love Face was born, a reusable makeup remover pad that just needs water to be activated. Previously I would use a small face towel which I would dampen and wipe all my makeup off with, but by using that multiple times you end up with a huge load of washing and the material wouldn’t get all my makeup residue off.

Inspired by the material of the towel I trialed many materials for removing my makeup to find one that worked perfectly! Using polyester micro fiber technology the pads only need to be dampened with warm water; it can then remove all makeup or skincare from the skin without any chemicals or abrasive movements. The soft fibers feel amazing on the skin and literally leaves you spotless once you’ve finished it can be machine or hand washed a minimum of 200 times in between uses, which keeps it safe for the environment. The perfect alternative to disposable face wipes.  

We hope you find the efficiency and convenience just as amazing as we do when adding it to your daily routine.